2019 July 
solo exhibition

textile waste, tree branch, 

wadded quilt, stone,

fabric, laces, gauze

Tree Pavilion

2019 May-June

Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park: artist-in-residence

textile waste, gauze,

coffee sack, yarn, iron wire

Wetland Network: between nature - man-made

2019 Nov.-Dec.

New Taipei City 

Wetland Art Festival
bamboo sieves, linen thread, polyester rope, cable tie, steel cable

A Spider & Its Webs

2019 Oct.

Monsters Haunted

textile waste, tree twig, stone, polyester yarn,

polyfoam glue

Wearable Art:
Blossom in Adversity

2019 Sep.-Oct.

Wanhua Horiecho Art Festival / co-exhibition

gauze bandage, yarn,

waste plastic bag, buttons, wadding

Lichen Necklace:
Lichens Thrive on Neck

2019 April-May
NTCRI: contemporary 

jewellery workshop

yarn, waste plastic bag, 

iron wire,rope ,beads

More Than a Basket

2018 Nov.-Dec.

Daily Containers: Memories of Salt / co-exhibition

textile waste, basket, fishing rope,buffering strip ,tubes

Plastic Eater:
Wax Worm

2018 Dec.
Art Weaving Festival in Miaoli / co-exhibition

waste plastic bag

Plastic Mushroom

2018 Nov.-Dec.


waste plastic bag, waste textile

to be continued...

to be continued...

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