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Edith Tzu Fen Lin - Fiber Artist 

An artist, a designer, an observer

and  a pattern collector... 

Born in Taipei, Edith Tzu Fen Lin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design in 2013. She then worked as a designer and an executive planner in AGUA Design and City Yeast till 2018. During this period of working, she established her interests on crocheting and applied her 3D modelling skill on soft sculptural pieces. She even started to crochet various art pieces with non-conventional materials (used plastic bags) since 2016. With consciousness of trash crisis, she began more zero waste projects with overused plastic bags, jeans and textile waste.

In 2018, Tzu-Fen began her practices on different fiber experiences around Taiwan and gradually moved from a hobbyist to an amateur artist. Edith devoted to open up people's imagination towards knitting thus started her own brand "Gogozi Crochet" in 2018. Besides her own work, she also took part in a zero waste youth art community “Give to Gift” and “NO!W Across Lab” in 2019. 

 With her design background, Tzu-Fen developed her unique insight in daily life. She tends to see things from the essence of a subject and transform into art pieces. She is obsessed with nature phenomena, organisms, daily life patterns, traditional crafts and culture. Tzu-Fen is adept in applying non-conventional materials, urban waste and neglected common objects in her work. She identified herself through her unique observation, life collection and cross culture exchange. 

From her point of view, art is a way to awaken people's perspective to see things with conscious mind. Art can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.


2008 - 2013

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology​

Bachelor of Industrial Design
Minor in Applied Foreign Languages

2010 - 2011

Copenhagen University College of Engineering 
(Ingeniørhøjskolen i København)

International Design Semester of Autumn 2010
European Project Semester of Spring 2011 

Work Experience

2013 - 2018

Agua Design and City Yeast

Designer, Executive Planner

and Workshop Curator


Representative project: 

Re-Create Taipei project management‭ ‬

WDC International Design Open Call project

Bubble Station‭. ‬intervention for Water Tank Park‭ ‬‬and Swings Park with Spanish Basurama collective‭.‬




Nature, Shapes and Materials 

Planter, Taipei



Yongle Fabric Market (T-Fashion #3007)



XOXO Sensing Nature

Banqiao 435 Art Zone, New Taipei City

Taiwan Design Expo

Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No.5, Design Zone, Kaohsiung 

FLOW: Furong'ao Festival

Xiwei Peninsula Antenna Shop, Nangan Island, Matsu

Documenta fifteen

Hübner areal, Kassel, Germany

Qing-Shui Art Village 2022 Green Arts Festival

Qingshui Military Community Culture Park, Taichung


Qing-Shui Art Village 2021 Art Residency

Qingshui Military Community Culture Park, Taichung

Luzhunan Haocaitou Art Festival 

Lu Zhu Nan Village, Toufen City, Miaoli


Field Trip Project Asia Taiwan

National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, Keelung

Invited as NO!W Across Lab, co-created with Fang-Yi Yang 

Walking into a Hakka Living Room:  Touring Exhibition of Taipei City Hakka Cultural Center

Multi-Purpose Classroom Building, National Taiwan University

From the starting point to destination: Recreating Material and Skill Through Fiber Art Experiments

1F, B1 of Craft Design Center, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute, Caotun, Nantou County

Luoshanfeng Arts Festival Artist-in-residence

Hai-Kou Village, Checheng Township, Pingtung County

Invited as NO!W Across Lab, co-created with Fang-Yi Yang 


New Taipei City Wetland Art Festival

Xinhai Constructed Wetland

Monster Haunted in THAV

Tresure Hill Artist Village

City Flip-Flop  “Circulation” segment 

Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab

Invited as NO!W Across Lab, co-created with Fang-Yi Yang 

Wanhua Horiecho Art Festival

Taipei Women's Center

Invited as NO!W Across Lab

Artist-in-residence Program

Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park

Inside a Whale's Stomach 


Invited and co-created with NO!W Across Lab


Art Weaving Festival

Former Miaoli Train Station

Re-Symbiont ?!

Treasure Hill Artist Village

Daily Containers: Memories of Salt

in Yancheng District

Yancheng Market & 67 Textile Studio ​

Artist Residency


 Weaving Residency at FLOW: Furong'ao Festival 

Xiwei Peninsula Antenna Shop, Nangan Island, Matsu


Qingshui Military Community Culture Park

Qingshui, Taichung

Luzhunan Haocaitou Art Festival 

Toufen City, Miaoli


Luoshanfeng Arts Festival  Artist-in-residence

Hai-Kou Village, Checheng Township, Pingtung County

"Tensile" Installation in CMP Village

CMP Village, Miaoli

Designed by Lua Rivera,

co create with Tzu-Fen Lin and Fang-Yi Yang 


Artist-in-residence Program

Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park

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