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2021 July /Taipei


When talking about fungi, people mostly associate it with mushroom. In fact, mushrooms are only a type of fungi. Common fungi in our daily life such as yeasts and moulds exist almost everywhere within air, water, soil around us.

​Along with bacteria, fungi are the major decomposers and recyclers in the environment; they break down dead or decaying organisms and transfer energy from above the ground, to below it, where it is recycled back to plants. Research suggests mushrooms can convert pesticides and herbicides to more innocuous compounds, remove heavy metals from brownfield sites, and break down plastic. Fungi play essential ecological roles worldwide in sustainability by remedying existing environmental damage.

Comparing herself to fungi as the role of decomposer in ecosystem, Tzu Fen often use materials like plastic bag, industrial textile waste, unused clothes to make her own creation. In this series of crochet sculptures, she crocheted hand-cut plastic bag yarn and mixed yarn together and filled the sculptures with plastic bag leftover.

Material:roof tiles, stone, drift wood, plastic bag, mixed yarn

Dimension:15x10x12cm each piece

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