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Plastic Eater: Wax Worm 

2018 Dec. 

Art Weaving Festival / co-exhibition

@Miaoli Former Train Station

2018‭ ‬Art Weaving Festival is taking place at Miaoli City featuring traditional skills with an exhibition‭, ‬workshop inside the old Miaoli train station‭. ‬The exhibition focuses on displaying the 3‭ ‬domains of tradition weaving skills in Miaoli City‭, ‬which includes bamboo weaving‭, ‬straw weaving and tribal weaving from indigenous culture‭. ‬Furthermore‭, ‬the exhibition display contemporary artist‭' ‬works combining old techniques with unconventional materials and form as an interpretation of crafts art‭. ‬

Plastic Eater Project

Plastic eater project intend to uncover human beings‭' ‬consumption of plastic bags by crocheting newly discovered organism that decompose plastic bags such as wax worms‭.‬


In addition‭, ‬with viewers participation by‭ "‬feeding‭" ‬their own unused plastic bags‭, ‬the project tends to put participants into action to reducing wastes‭. ‬This Also remind audience to be conscious of their own behavior of consumption‭. ‬Besides‭, ‬the action collects artist's crochet materials‭.‬

Wax worms could save the world?

Wax worms are the caterpillar larvae of wax moths‭. ‬In 2017‭, ‬scientists have discovered that wax worms can eat plastic bags‭.‬ Wax worms get their names because they live on the wax in bee hives‭. ‬Like plastic‭, ‬wax is a polymer‭, ‬which consists of a long string of carbon atoms held together‭, ‬with other atoms branching off the sides of the chain‭. ‬Both wax and the polyethylene in plastic bag had a similar carbon backbone‭.‬

waste plastic bag yarn, textile waste

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