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An Underground Forest: Mycorrhizae 

2022 April /
Qingshui Military Community Culture Park, Taichung
Qing-Shui Art Village 2022 Green Arts Festival

Qingshui Military Community Culture Park is not only an aboveground heritage zone surrounded by paddy filed, grasslands and old trees, but a underground prehistoric site with shell mound ruins dating back to 2,000-400 years ago. Buried aside from ruins underground, there are unique ecosystems build up with plants roots, mycorrhizae, and microorganisms. These often-forgotten ecosystems are more diverse than the aboveground, and these species are responsible for many ecosystems that plants, animals, and humans rely on, including water purification, soil health , and decomposition. The coexistence of these unseen treasures below-ground seems to show the close relationship of human beings and nature.

Hanging on the wall, this art installation  featured 3 amplified plants root system, mycorrhizae and some small pottery fragments collected from beaches and seas. By linking plants roots and manmade fragments together, the fringed mycorrhizae displayed the widely  connected wood-wide web underground. The installation also shows the interdependent relationships between the species of that environment within an ecosystem.

Artist collective: Wu Ying-Ching,  Chun-Tso Lin , Chi-Hua Lin 

Special thanks: Fay Fang-yi Yang、Sanshi Living Lab, Yee Chain international Co.,Ltd., Hsueh Han Chou.

Material: industrial fabric, metal wire, foam wrap, pottery and glass fragments

​Size:230x480x50cm, 590x400x55cm, 230x155x35cm


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