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A story of Mountain, Sea and Wind 

2020 April-June /  Luoshanfeng Arts Festival Artist-in-residence

If you ask local inhabitant in Haiko, Checheng, Pingtung, they might tell you a story like this...

Once upon a time…there’s a story of Mountain, Sea and wind

the wind blows comes and goes 

yet the remembrance folksong of old time shows

the rhythm and rhymes were passed down through ages

the old songs recored what happened written in pages

the wind blows where it will


the wind blows to the dessert

yes there once was a dessert here

where kids could slide down from the top

the water tank back then was their landmark

yet one day it was all gone

gone for good almost nobody knew

rumor has it the dessert hill was sold


the wind blows to the plain

where every family grew sisal plant insane

the upright stalk is where the sisal flower grows

the yellow blossoms were glimmer as gilt

they grew so well that had many houses in village were built

the shiny white sisal fiber were  scraped in the factory

when blades of scraping machines roll over

where children found mushroom grew a lot in the leftover


the wind blows to the field

where onion grow so well and so sweet

in summertime villagers give you mangos

that all you can eat


the wind blows to the beach

where hermit crab make tip-tap sound

at night 

when they have shell exchanging party and having fight

far away there is a lady who skip along  coral reefs

looking for sea salt and thick brine

that brings you a taste of delight


the wind blows to the village

where needle fish dried quickly in front yard

that is so common here that won’t need a guard


the wind blows to the sea

where you can see flying fish jumping out of water

yet due to the plastic waste matter

you might not see it forever


#ArtistResidency  #sisal

#fiberart #marinedebris


marine debris, sisal, hemp rope, straw, metal wire

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