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Lichen Accessories: Lichens Thrive on Neck

2019 Apr.-May / workshop

Contemporary Jewellery Workshop

@National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute

Lichen Accessories

A lichen is a unique composite organism consisting of a fungus and algae (sometimes and a cyanobacteria) living together in a symbiotic relationship as one entity. Lichens as the sum are even stronger, greater than and different from each of its participants. They form a fascinating example of cooperative relationships in nature, with the algae and/or bacteria part to produce food through photosynthesis, while the fungus part absorbs moisture and provides protection for others. 


Lichens can survive in some of the most barren and severe regions of the world. They tolerate extreme cold and dry conditions through dormancy and the ability to recover quickly when conditions are favorable. Lichens are very sensitive to air quality and pollution, so they are considered to be environmental indicators. You can see lichens growing on rocks, walls, twigs, bark and even on exposed soil surfaces.Lichens survive as epiphyte, which grow harmlessly on other plants, only relying on the physical support for its structure and getting moisture and nutrients from the air and rain.


I am obsessed with such unique creature as lichens. Lichens are barely notice by human being yet can almost grow anywhere. They show a variety of growth forms: trumpet-like, leaf-like, crust-like and stem-like. Lichens requires elements nearly most of organism need as water, air, light, nutrients, and substrates. Lichens are able to survive in more severe habitats of the earth than any other type of creature. However, they merely cannot stand air pollution.


Lichens are like inspirations. They could show and grow almost anywhere. When a venue is with good “feng shui”, even in a harsh condition, as soon the opportunity arises, it grows flourishly. The wearer’s neck become a tree branch host with spiritual atmosphere where lichens (inspiration) can thrive on naturally and vigorously. 

Contemporary Jewelry and Fiber Experiments Workshop

Facilitated by finer artist Yui Inoue (井上 唯), Contemporary Jewelry and Fiber Experiments is a workshop that prioritizes process experiments over final outputs. Amid trials and errors, we explore unanticipated surprises in techniques and materials, and transform into objects through handcraft productions.


Fibers in Taiwan are unique, natural and pure. Along with waste materials in daily life, we integrate them into handcraft techniques, and demonstrate aesthetics in material and shape. We reinterpret potentials in contemporary jewelry, and experiment on materials and techniques. These interesting results are embodied in objects suitable everywhere on our bodies.


In our experiment and contemporary jewelry, we utilize all kinds of natural fibers in Taiwan, as well as unused materials readily available in our life, such as plastic bags, recycled paper (advertisement, newspaper, and catalogs), residual threads, and used clothes.

yarn, plastic bag, iron wire, rope, beads

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