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Mussel Chair

2022 Sep.-Oct. /
Xiwei Peninsula Antenna Shop
Nangan Island, Matsu

FLOW: Furong'ao Festival

Mussels are important aquaculture products in Furong'ao, Matzu, they are also acting as “vacuum cleaners for the sea”. It is said that a single mussel can filter up to 15 gallons of water per day. Mussels are filter-feeders. They process large volumes of the water they live in to obtain food such as algae, bacteria, phytoplankton and other small particles out of the water column. However, some researchers have shown that, in the lab, mussels also ingest a lot of tiny plastic particles floating around in the water. Although there is not enough research to confirm whether microplastics will make impact on mussels, plastic pollution such as microplastics has become a universal problem in recent years because of their adverse effects on ecosystem functions and human health. 

This mussel-shape chair was made out of round octopus trap, marine debris and waste fishing net collected locally by artists. Artists Tzu Fen Lin and Fang Yi Yang try to stimulate people reflections on collective impacts cause by human while enjoying delicious seafood.

co-creator:Fay Fang-yi Yang
Material: marine debris, metal wire, fishing net, elastic fabric yarn, round  octopus trap



Special thanks : Wanchen Hsieh, Rey Rey Wang 

Photos by : Tzu Fen Lin, Zhe-wei Liao, Gong-wan

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