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More Than a Basket 

2018 Dec. / co-exhibition, workshop

Daily Containers‭: ‬Memories of Salt

@​67 Textile Studio, Kaoshiung


More Than a Basket Series

This series uses the traditional bamboo weaving baskets found in the local stores as a base. Then create further more than a basket. Such as building higher "wall" with crocheting rattan stick or foam can become a bag or a bucket. In fact, there is no any sea field in Yanchengpu nowadays. People seldom use this kind of flat baskets to dry food or fruits. However, I want to transform this memories of "basking" habits in the past into something that fits modern usage.

Yancheng District

Yancheng District is is among Kaohsiung’s oldest. "Yancheng" means "salt fields" in Mandarin. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, salt fields were built in this seafront area, and nearby residents make their living by crystallizing salts and fishing. In addition, because the Kaohsiung City Government was in this area, business as well as imports and exports brought prosperity to the area, making it the most populated place in Kaohsiung in the 1960s. However, as more land was developed, and the society shifted its focus to commercial activities, business began to move eastwards. As a result, Yancheng District was regressed to the least populated area in the city center.


However, many traditional industrial streets are still preserved today. You can see some scrap metal recycling factory selling old parts from waste boats, there is also a street with many hardware stores. The other special traditional industry street (WuFu 4th Rd.) related to harbour in old time still remain some stores selling wooden barrels, bamboo basket, ropes and bamboo-made containers. It is said that in old times, sailors came to this place to buy daily necessities. You can still see artisans making giant wooden steamer on the street nowadays.

textile waste, basket, fishing rope, plastic buffering strip, paper yarn, cotton yarn


More Than a Basket - a storage basket

Basket refers to a container made of rattan, bamboo or wicker with handle. I used multi modern materials in this basket weaving. Based on the flat sieve, I cut buffer stripes into brick-like shapes and weaving with fish yarn and plastic tubes.

More Than a Basket - a bucket bag & a wall hanging holder

The bucket bag was based on a exquisite plate-like container, crocheting with rattan sticks and cotton threads.

Unlike normal usage of a basket, I flipped it into vertical direction, stitched with knitting pieces to use as a wall hanging holder.

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