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2021 Sep. /
Qingshui Military Community Culture Park 2021 Art Residency Project

Winged Seed

A wind-dispersed seed, known as samara, consists of a seed and a single fibrous wing. These wind-dispersed  seeds are equipped with parachutes or wings, gliders, or helicopters in order to enable the wind to carry the seed farther away from the tree than regular seeds would go. By spinning to the ground, sometimes catching the wind and traveling farther, a winged seed gets to spread and cover more territory with new plants.


After researching the migration history of Qing Shui Art Village,  Tzu Fen interpreted the history of Qing Shui military dependents' village as wind-dispersed  seeds. She made two dynamic balance sculptures made out of metal wires,  second-hand plastic bags, and bamboo stick. While the wind blow, the sculptures would spin around and show the flow of the wind in Qing Shui.

Material: bamboo stick, plastic bag, metal wire, hemp yarn

Size:150x100x80cm / 70x70x115cm

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