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2021 Oct. /
Qingshui Military Community Culture Park 2021 Art Residency Project

Giant Waterlily 

Giant waterlilies are the largest of all waterlilies, with record-breaking leaves that can reach up to three meters wide and support the weight of a small child. Besides, giant waterlily leaves are incredibly buoyant. Air trapped in the spaces between the ribs on the underside of the leaves enables them to float. 

The artist intends to mimic the spreading and floating shape of giant waterlilies as a symbol of the status how original villagers settled down in Qingshui’s military village. These giant waterlilies with exquisite leaves veins were made out of waste umbrellas and industrial fabric leftover.

In the past, the elders villagers cherished resources and were good at reusing leftover materials. While working in the parachute repair factory, they would also reuse scraps of parachutes and make them into daily necessities.

Material: industrial fabric, umbrellas, metal wires

Size: 180x120x20cm

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